Friday, April 14, 2017

An Easter Story

I first posted this here in 2012.  It remains one of my favorite Easter stories.....

A man was driving down a country road on a beautiful spring day when a rabbit ran out in front of his car.  He tried to swerve, but felt a bump and knew that he had hit it. When he stopped and went back to the flattened bunny, one look told him it was gone. 
Then he noticed the basket.
“Oh no!” he cried, “I’ve killed the Easter Bunny.”
Just then another car stopped and a young lady got out to see what was the matter.  When he explained what happened, she told him she thought she could help.
She went back to her car, dug in a grocery bag and came back with a bottle. She dumped the contents on the rabbit and rubbed it vigorously into its fur.
All of a sudden the rabbit jumped up, grabbed the basket and hopped off down the road.  After it had gone about fifty feet, it stopped and waved.  Then it hopped a little farther and turned to wave again, continuing to hop and wave until it was out of sight.
“That was amazing.” said the fellow. “What is that stuff?”
She held up the now empty bottle of conditioner so he could read the label.  “See.” she said “Restores lifeless hair and adds a permanent wave.”

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