Saturday, April 8, 2017

If the Shoe Fits

A Facebook friend posted a picture of one of these devices, asking if we remembered when store clerks actually measured your feet before selling you a pair of shoes. 
That experience is rapidly going by the wayside, and shoe stores are apparently not far behind - Payless announced this week that they are closing 140 stores. In this age of on-line shopping, convenience seems to have won out over the comfort of properly fitted footwear.
I am old enough to not only remember that mechanical device, I remember sticking my feet in an X-ray machine to see how the new shoes fit.
You put on the new shoes, then placed your feet in the slot, and X-rays shot up through them from the bottom.  These un-shielded devices generated X-rays about midway between the power of a mammogram and a chest X-ray.  Probably safe enough for a kid who only got new shoes once or twice a year, but they had to be hell on shoe salesmen who ever wanted to father children.

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