Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Snake on the Grill

Yesterday, the first day of Spring, one of our local reptiles decided it was a perfect time to soak up some sun, and the ideal place to do it was atop our gas grill.  He failed to take my wife into account.
Honey called me and gave me a "request" to do away with the intruder.
When I explained that it was a Chicken Snake - aka Texas Rat Snake - she did allow me to take a picture first.  The fact that they are non-poisonous cuts little slack with her, especially since one cleaned out a Cardinal nest we had been watching from our front porch a couple years ago.
Although they are darker and browner, their mottled diamond pattern looks an awful lot like a Copperhead, but I have never seen a Chicken Snake that wasn't twice as big as the largest Copperhead I've seen.  For anyone who cares, here's a chart:

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