Thursday, March 16, 2017

Irish or Scot

My maternal grandfather was Irish, and would fight anyone with the temerity to suggest otherwise.  Actually, from the stories I was told, he and his brothers often fought for a Hell of a lot less.
He would be rolling in his grave if he could see the ancestry websites that declare that Boyd is a Scottish name, and most of them do.  
According to them, the name Boyd meant someone from the Isle of Bute, which is not that far from Loch Lomand, and just west of Glasgow.
It took a bit of a search, but I finally found one site that said one offshoot of the family settled near Belfast, and there are birth, death and marriage records for Irish Boyds going back at least to the 1600s.
Tomorrow, all that becomes moot.  On St. Patrick's Day, Everyone is Irish.

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  1. I recall in elementary school doing a coat of arms project & it says we were Scots. Interesting :)