Thursday, March 23, 2017

Grommet Fix

The living room area of our 5th wheel has a ceiling fan.  It is nice to have, we do use it occasionally, but over the years I've come to consider it more trouble than it's worth.  
It is all a matter of clearance, or lack of it.  
The blades on the fan as it was originally installed hang about eight inches from the ceiling.  The tops of the slides, when the slides are out, are about eleven inches below ceiling level, but when the slides are closing, they ride up, sometimes enough to catch a blade. If not caught soon enough, a fan blade can and will break.
Yesterday, after tweaking the slide alignment to track as flat as possible, I decided to modify the fan.
I inserted spacers between the outside screws of the blade holders and the fan blades, effectively changing their angle, and raising the tips.  The "spacers" I used were rubber wire grommets.

A change of less than 1/4 inch at the holders resulted in a change of an inch and a half at the blade tips. Now, instead of being eight inches below the ceiling, the blade tips are less than six and a half.

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