Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pain In The ....

My lower back went out again Saturday.  
It has happened several times over the past few years and there has only been once when I could definitely point to something I was doing that caused it - most times it has just struck out of the blue.
When it happens, I am not totally debilitated - I can still function to some extent - but it is no fun.  I'm usually OK sitting, lying down or standing, but getting from one position to another is Hell.  I shuffle around like a cruel caricature of a little old man.
A trip to the chiropractor on Monday had me almost back to normal, just minor discomfort that reminds me of how bad it can be and makes me a little  afraid to do anything at all for fear that it will come back.  We're headed back to the chiropractor again in a few minutes, and hopefully this episode will be over.

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