Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Locker Room

Billy Bush has lost his job, and it is impossible to see a newscast without a reference to Donald Trump's "locker room" talk.  Now, several athletes have claimed that talk like that never happens in their locker rooms.
I call B-S!  
Even in my limited experience, I know that talk like that did take place in locker rooms and probably still does.  
Not saying it is right, just that it is.
If Trump had not avoided military service, he might have chosen to say that was the way guys talked in the service.  I remember one drill sergeant who could not complete a single multi-syllable word without injecting a profanity, using words like underfu#kingstandable, and unGoddamnbelievable in every sentence.
But by far, the most foul mouthed individual I ever met was a First Sergeant at Ft. Hood.  That sergeant was black, female, and the head of the WAC detachment on the base.
When I first arrived at Ft. Hood I was assigned to a transient barracks for a few days until I got my permanent assignment to the Information Office.  The only thing Transients did, other than sit around and wait, was pull KP at the WAC barracks.
It was breakfast, and I was scooping scrambled eggs onto the women's plates.  As each passed by, I would say "Good Morning" or "Hello."  Suddenly,  booming voice right behind me yelled "Troop!"  It was the WAC First Sergeant, and she went on to say, "You're here to FEED 'em, not Fu#k 'em.  Dump the sh*t on their plates and move their asses down the line." 

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