Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Beat the Rush?

Yesterday was the first day of early voting in Texas for the 2016 elections, so Honey and I decided to vote early and avoid the lines that are sure to form on November 8th.
Our logic was apparently shared by 67,000 of our fellow citizens, as Harris County set a new voting record for early voting, exceeding the old record by almost 20,000 voters.  It only took us about a half hour (at the Crosby Public Library) from the time we parked until we were back in the truck and on the way home, but some polling places in Houston had waits in excess of two hours.
If you plan to vote early, and didn't vote yesterday, lines are bound to be shorter today - otherwise there won't be anyone left to vote when  election day rolls around.
I heard this in line yesterday and on the news last night - the main reason so many were voting early was that they were sick of the campaign - they planned to vote early, then ignore all the polls and election coverage in general from now on.

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