Friday, January 22, 2016

What A Deal

The sign above reminded me of something. 
It's a story that I may have shared before, but it is a true story, and it's worth repeating.
For several years before I retired, I got my hair cut at a Vietnamese barber/beauty shop near the office.  The owner and all of the employees were middle-aged Vietnamese refugees with limited English skills, but they gave a very good man's haircut for only $3.98.  They raised their price to $4.98 just before I retired, but it was still one of the best deals in town. 
The ladies chattered constantly in their native language, and would often break out in gales of laughter.  If you could control the paranoia that said they were joking about you, it was actually a very pleasant atmosphere.
One day I showed up around lunch time, and the usually busy shop was almost empty.  The only people around were me and the owner. She told me that for an extra two dollars she would give me a shampoo and a blow job.

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