Monday, January 11, 2016

Rolling Thunder

I have it on good authority (ask Honey) that I snore, often quite loudly, although I have never heard myself.  That may have changed last night.  Prior to that, I have never heard myself, have never, as many people do, woke myself up with my snoring, but last night may have been different.
Sometime after two this morning, I was sound asleep when I heard thunder.  That's odd, I thought, skies were clear when we went to bed, and there was nothing in the weather forecast about rain until Wednesday at the earliest.  I didn't get up - I'm not sure I ever came fully awake - but I listened to the thunder roll for what seemed like several minutes before dropping back off to sleep.
Skies were still clear this morning.  The "thunder" may or may not have been my snoring, may have been just a dream.  Either way, it was definitely self-generated.

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