Thursday, June 1, 2017

Loooong Eggs

Speaking of New Braunfels, as I was yesterday, reminded me of a mystery that has boggled my mind for years.  
The Biergarten where we would go in the evenings to listen to the band and dance the polka featured a 13-inch boiled egg on the menu.
That's right - 13 inches long, white on the outside with a round yellow yolk running the entire length inside. They were happy to sell you one but would say nothing about how it was made.
I tried Googling it today, and found only a couple of references.  One from a guy who worked at a salad bar that sold them in the 70s - he said they were two feet long and came in a plastic tube.  
The only current reference was to a company in Hungary that makes an egg that's 22 centimeters (a mere 8.66 inches) long.  They advertise them on their website but don't say anything about how they are made.

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