Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Nose Knows

For the last month or so, I have been doing Spring Cleaning/Maintenance on the 5th wheel - replaced the brakes, cleaned it up inside and out, etc.
Everything is great, except that every time Honey goes in the trailer, she says it smells moldy!  
I don't doubt that she smells something, but what really drives me nuts is that I can't smell it at all. That's making it very hard, if not impossible, to correct. So far, we've shampooed the carpets, wiped down all surfaces, even sprayed Clorox in the air conditioner, and she says the mystery odor is still there.
I subscribe to RV.Net, and it has been a great source of information in the past, so I posted the problem in their forum. So far, I've had a half dozen replies.  
The best of them was not necessarily helpful - but a guy from Pennsylvania said, "Good luck with that.  My wife can smell things over the phone that I can't smell right under my nose."

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