Sunday, December 27, 2015


Those who follow this blog know that the Boggy Thicket family includes two miniature dachshunds, Tinker and Dusty.  That's a very old picture, but the dogs and the pillow are the same today. We still call them the puppies although they are twelve years old and their muzzles are completely gray. 
I was going to the bathroom last night when I heard Honey calling frantically from the living room.  I couldn't tell exactly what she was saying, but I did hear "Help, Tinker and Hurry!" I ran into the living room to find that Tinker had managed to get one toe-nail caught in the fabric of the pillow the pups lie on and couldn't get it out.  I had to get scissors and then hold Tink down while Honey cut the nail loose.  It took several snips at the fabric, but once she was loose everything was fine - no damage to the dog and only minor damage to an old, worn pillow.
Oddly enough, I had already decided several hours before that today's post would be about the pups, but I planned to write about Dusty.  She is the younger, and until last year the smaller of the two dogs - at their last Vet visit, Tinker had dropped a little weight and now weighs in just under ten pounds while Dusty added a few ounces and weighs ten and a half.  Although smaller, Dusty is the Alpha dog. She runs the household, and if you don't believe me, just ask her.
She also snores, and the older she gets, the louder.  That led me to write...

There’s simply no way to ignore
Dusty when she starts to snore
She rattles the dishes in the sink
Makes the walls shake, and I think
Vibrates the terrazzo tile on the floor

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