Monday, May 1, 2023

Worth Waiting For


Honey and I have one flower bed that consists of a few little statues and just over a dozen Oriental Lilies.  

This year we bought a few more to add to our collection.  

When I bought the one above, it had green closed buds - no way to guess the color, or, for that matter, the size.  This thing is huge.  Most of our Asiatic Lilies are about 3 1/2 to 4 inches in diameter, this beauty is over 7!    

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Catching Up

Three weeks since I announced that I was going to try to resuscitate the Boggy Thicket blog.  It hasn't been a resounding success, but not a complete failure.

I guess the most important thing that's happened lately is that the County finally got around to digging out our ditches.  

First, they dug out the big drainage ditch, all the way to Luce's Bayou.  That involves a couple miles of right-of-way that is in another County, but after some negotiation, Liberty County told them to go for it as long as they didn't have to pay for it.

Once that was done, crews came in an dug out the ditches along the roadway for the first time since we've lived here. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Electric Tiller

 I borrowed my neighbor's Ryoobi tiller to get the flower bed ready for planting.  It is my first experience with an electric tiller and it was doing a great job until it started to Rain.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

I guess I'm Getting Old


We are re-doing the flower beds along the front of our house, or at least we're having them done.  The bushes that were there for the last forty years were pulled our yesterday.  The next step is to till the soil and mix in some fresh nutrients.

Home Depot has a sale on the small (7.5 cu ft) bags of garden soil right now - less than half price - so I went to get a bunch today.

I had just started loading a cart when a large forty-ish fellow asked me how many I was buying.  I told him, and he said "Let me drop this one in my wife's cart and I'll load it for you." 

I was a little surprised - I wasn't even breathing hard - but I said OK, and that's what happened.

Once I got the cart out to the truck and had just started loading, I was stopped again by a slightly older man with his whole family.  He said "Let us load that for you." And he and his teen aged son put the rest of the load in the truck.

I think that either today I accidently became the subject of some local church's sermon, or I'm looking a lot older and weaker than I think I do.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

A Lot of Gas

Back in 2006, a scientific report from the United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization claimed that methane from cow farts contributed to Global Warming. 

Methane is a "greenhouse gas" and the Earth supports about 1.5 billion cattle, but I chuckled and called B.S. I just didn't think it could possibly be enough to matter. 

Then last Monday, a huge explosion at a dairy farm in the Texas Panhandle killed 18,000 cows.  Investigators have determined that a spark from equipment in the milking barn set off methane being generated by the cows waiting to be milked.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Generic Complaint

 We spent most of the past week trying to get one of Honey's prescriptions filled.  She had a reaction to a drug she had been taking, and the doctor had sent in a prescription for something to replace it. She noted on the prescription that the generic version was acceptable.

It was not.

Medicare required the much more expensive Brand-Name version. 

Not only was it much more expensive, but our pharmacy (which did have the generic) didn't have it in stock.  After two days, we were able to locate the medication that Medicare would cover at another Walgreen's pharmacy, but getting it required a one hour round trip.

This was a relatively new medication, and I understand that Medicare only updates their formulary once a year, but wouldn't it be simpler if they had a rule that stated that once the FDA approved a generic drug it would be added automatically?

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Cheryl's Award


There is a professional organization in Austin known as the Central Area Paralegal Association. 

At last week's meeting, one of Austin's top attorneys, our daughter, Cheryl's boss, addressed the group.  He told them how indispensable she had been to their organization for almost a quarter century.

Then he announced the creation of the Cheryl Ischy Professionalism Award. 

As you would expect, she is the first recipient, but he announced that award bearing her name has been funded (it comes with a monetary stipend) for the next twenty years.